Full Boarding - Bedded on straw, quality timothy grass hay, Buckeye Safe and Easy, Cadence Ultra, Grow and Win feeds with Electolytes.  Stalls cleaned daily, turnout weather permitting. Night/day turnout optional. 


Training Board - Full Board with a Training program designed to meets the needs and goals of the rider/equine athlete.


Please inquire for a rate sheet.

Training and Lessons

Lessons are available for ship in/non-boarders.  We teach private and small group lessons Tuesday thru Sunday. Lessons run approximately 45mins to 1 hour depending on need and weather.

Beginners to advanced riders ages 3 and up are welcome. Due to current Covid-19 concerns we are limiting new lesson clients. 

Lesson Package available.

Ship-in lessons welcome


Please inquire for the rate sheet.

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